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Импорт транзит

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Transport-forwarding company “Mitridat Odessa” LLC

“Mitridat Odessa” LLC is a transport-forwarding company which is founded in 2008 in the city of Odessa, as a forwarding company in the Odessa port. Since the company was founded, it showed the prompt growth of development in the international transport market and nowadays it has already provided a full complex of logistic services.

Over 10 years of work, more than 100 companies from Ukraine, Moldova and other CIS countries entrusted their cargo to us. The success of our transport company is directly related to the professionalism of our employees, therefore our company is highly valued by our clients.

Our goal

Long-term cooperation

therefore, we offer a full range of transportation services

for the stable operation of your business

We strive to

Provide high-quality services in the field of international container transportation on a long-term basis

Do not just carry out transportation, but optimize the logistics business of our customers

To solve transport problems for satisfaction of needs of the client and functioning of its business

Provide professional advice to resolve your issue

Experience in the provision of services

Auto and rail transportation
Operations with cargo in the port
Complex logistics of customer business
Intraport cargo forwarding in Odessa and Ilyichevsk
Sea container transportation - small and large consignments

Cargo delivery from door to door, timely deliveries, resolution of document issues, safety of cargo in transit, guarantee of prices for transportation, better solutions. . . it's all work with our company Mithridates Odessa.

Our forwarding company is located in Odessa, with the state ports of Odessa and Ilyichevskaya concluded contracts, which allows you to efficiently and quickly manage cargo in ports, container terminals.

The company has its own motor transport & nbsp; in the amount of more than 25 container trucks of road trains, a special auto department has been set up to organize international and domestic trucking of goods.

By contacting our company, you always get professional advice and a solution to your question!

We are always glad to cooperate!

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Неверный ввод

We do not just organize transportation,
We optimize the logistics of your business
About Mitridat Odessa - container transportation


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+38 (067) 488 50 30


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